Office Profile

We, AuthaGraph Co., Ltd. are a design firm. We have dedicated ourselves in research and development on an idea highly based on geometrical studies mainly by means of model making. Then we carefully apply these pure geometrical ideas to practical usages according to various social needs in design, fine art and engineering. At this moment (Autumn, 2010) we dedicate ourselves in,
- development of map projection
- architectural design
- structural design
- production for art installation
- furniture design

Jun. 2009
Establishment AuthaGraph Co., LTD

May. 2009
"ISS Long Term Tracking"
Mission G/ Inter Communication Center/ Tokyo

Nov. 2009
"AuthaGraph Chronomaps"
Prototype 3/ Design Hub/ Tokyo Midtown

May. 2010
"Cobalt deposit in your mouth"
Earth: Materials for Design/ National Museum for Emerging Science and Innovation/ Tokyo

Jun. 2010
"AuthaGraph World Map"
IST2010/ Vacant/ Tokyo

Hajime Narukawa

Born in 1971.
Architect and structural engineering. It graduates from the master's course of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, The Berlage Institute Amsterdam. NAL is established through the Arnhem Academie van Bouwkunst tutor and the SSC in 2006. AuthaGraph Co., Ltd. is established in 2009.

CV Hajime Narukawa

Apr. 1994
"Research on Geodesic theories"
Shinkenchiku, Japan/ Yoshioka-scholarship

Jun. 1994
"Theaters on Rooftops"
Japan Institute of Architecture/ first prize

Mar. 1996
"Tensegrity Modeling Manual"
Tokyo National University of fine arts/ Salon de Printempts prize

Mar. 2001
"Half Weg Recreation"
Rijksakademie, NL/ third prize, Prix de Rome/ project done in Studio MO

Jun. 2001
"NAGISA" in 'Urbanity'
TN PROVE OBAYASHI CORP./ essay, introduction

Sep. 2001
Arnhem Academie van Bouwkunst
tutor/ design studio

Sep. 2001
VMX Architects/ Amsterdam
architectural design

Apr. 2003
SSC/ Tokyo
structural engineering

Mar. 2006
Coloring design

Apr. 2006
Kuwazawa Institute, Tokyo
tutor/ drawing & structural design

Aug. 2006
"Tensegrity Christmas Tree"
Product design

Sep. 2006
"mercibeaucoup, Kyoto"
interior design & structural design/ with J. Endo & M. Sumiyoshi

Oct. 2007
"Corpora in Si(gh)te"
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media/ structural design project in dNA

Dec. 2007
"Air Domino & Overhead Night Club"
NHK digital Art Festival/ 2 installations/ project in SOI

Dec. 2007
"mercibeaucoup, Kyoto"
Nashop Lighting Award/ honorable mentioned

Nov. 2008
Tokyo Zokei University
tutor/ structural design

Subsidy for international patent applying
Tokyo city government

Sep. 2008
ARS ELECTRONICA Hornorary Mention
"Corpora in Si(gh)te"/ structural design project in dNA