[Press] Science Window 2012 Spring Edition

Science Window 2012 Spring Edition, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) introduces a thematic world map, 'Plate Boundaries' made by AuthaGraph World Map. The original data of the plate boundaries and earthquakes distribution are provided by NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, Colorado.

[Press] Benesse Shinken Zemi

AuthaGraph World Map is introduced in Benesse Shinken Zemi, an educational magazine for elementary school students. It is introduced in an issue on cartography, 'How to describe a sphere on flat map'.

[Press] Highlighting Japan

Hajime Narukawa had an interview by an online magazine Highlighting JAPAN. Highlighting JAPAN is published once a month by the Japanese Government to help readers better understand Japan today. You can read the article by visiting Highlighting JAPAN or you can find its printed version in lounges in Narita airport, Haneda airport and Kansai airport.

[Event] AuthaGraph Products are now in NADiff modern

AuthaGraph World Map(s), AuthaGraph Globe and AuthaGraph Puzzle are available to purchase in NADiff modern, the museum shop of Bunkamura the Museum, Shibuya.

[Press] Creative Seen/ Unseen in Art and Technology

CORPORA IN SI(GH)TE, an interactive installation work is introduced in 'Creative Seen/ Unseen in Art and Technology' a book published by Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. CORPORA IN SI(GH)TE is a project run by doubleNegatives Architecture. Hajime Narukawa has participated in the project as a member of doubleNegatives Architecture and in charge of structural analysis.

Creative Seen/ Unseen in Art and Technology
~A compendium of media art and performance from YCAM 2003 - 2008~
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media