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MIRAIKAN SHOP(National Museum of Emerging Science and innovation, Odaiba)
GOOD DESIGN STORE TOKYO by NOHARA(Tokyo Central Station KITTE 3rd floor)
Tsutaya Umeda Luxury Life
NADIFF CONTEMPORARY(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Kiyosumi Shirakawa)
Study Room Shimokitazawa
Study Room Rise-Futago-Tamagawa
ICC Museum Shop(Tokyo Opera City・Hatsudai)
NADIFF CONTEMPORARY(Museum of Modern Art Tokyo・Kiyosumi Shirakawa)
P LOT(Iruma City)
NADiff X 10(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Ebisu)
NADiff modern(Bunkamura, Shibuya)
gallery 5(Tokyo Opera City・Hatsudai)

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[Product] flippable globe/cube in dodeca

You can assemble the globe without glue and tape. The reversible globe packs two faces of the world in one volume.
You can flip the surface of a dodecahedral globe inside out and transform to a cube by re-assembling six units.
type :assembly kit
size :140×140×140 / 80×80×80 (when finished)
price: 1800 jpy + tax
This paper globe is a product of geografia. Geografia is a product series that features geography, topography and the earth.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact us by email.

[Product] AuthaGraph Multipolar World Map

The world map product is made by lithograph and silk screen print. The colorful dots are printed by giclee. These dots represent British commonwealth, EU, BRICs, G20 and ASEAN. By printing dots accurately you can distinguish for instance India is a country belonging to British commonwealth, G20 and is known as one of BRICs.

price: 25,000 JPY + tax (42 editions)
Service to mount in picture frame: 11,500 JPY (tax included)

If you are interested in purchasing them, contact us.
Or contact to 'Kawara Print-making Labo'.

[Product] AuthaGraph Stamp

This world map is made by lithograph. To demonstrate the new world map projection so called AuthaGraph, we made a unique stamp made of silicon rubber covered with relieves. The stamp is shaped like a tetrapak (tetrahedron). And then on an aluminum plate, we stamp all four triangular face one after another by rotating it. From the aluminum plate we made the lithograph.

price: 25,000 JPY + tax (30 editions)
Service to mount in picture frame: 11,500 JPY (tax included)

If you are interested in purchasing the map, contact us by email.
Or contact to ''Kawara Print-making Labo'.

[Product] AuthaGraph Puzzle

This AuthaGraph Puzzle is composed by 24 triangular pieces. When you start to play with the puzzle, if you are not familiar with geography and this new type of world map, you can assemble them by referring to a world map printed on an attached steel base plate. Once you succeed in constructing the puzzle, you can re-arrange these 24 pieces to construct different maps with different region at its center. You can re-arrange them to construct other maps with different shapes, triangles, rhombus, and wider or narrower rectangles as well.

price: 11,000 JPY +tax
If you are interested in purchasing the map, contact us by email.

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[Product] AuthaGraph Chrono Maps

A set of AuthaGraph World Maps composed by 5 overlaying maps in different ages from 120 million years ago upto present. Their contour lines represents a coastlines in each age and then represents the plate techtoniscs’ movements.
It clearly shows the Indian continent had moved across the Indian ocean separated from Madagascar and finally collided with Eurasia. It is known that the Himalayas were generated by its impact.
(size: W1354mm H614mm D74mm)