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[Product]Tensegrity Christmas Tree

This christmas tree is made of tensegrity structure. Tensegrity was known as the lightest structure since 60s invented by Buckminster Fuller. It is supported by discontinuous struts connected by only tension wire. 36 struts look as if they are floating in air. The Tensegrity structure is also known as a difficult structure system to construct especially in tension's adjustment. We carefully designed an assembling method so that anyone can assemble it and take it apart without tool.

6 layers:H120cm X D80cm
(20cm X 80cm when dismantled)
price: 90,000 yen (900 euro)+ tax
colors: green, unpainted, silver

This Tensegrity Tree is made as an art piece by hand. And we don't attach a guaranty, construction manual and package. When shipping, we carefully pack it and ship it as an art piece though.
The structure and connection is strongly-build. But The tension member may be loosen if you handle it roughly after a few years.
Tensegrity Christmas Tree01