TRANS-SCALE is a group of designers to find unique 'scales' which may change how we see or understand our world. Three genre-defying designers use distinctive 'scales' to present different visions for seeing the world. Both the exhibition and workshops are opportunities to use our hands and eyes to think about what kind of 'scales' we use to see the world.
*Text from exhibition introduction of the ICC Kids Program 2011.
participating designers: Nagaoka Ben, Terada Naoki, Tokoro Asao and Narukawa Hajime

Tensegrity Modeling Manuals

It has been difficult to understand tensegrity structure by only texts and graphics. They can not express its 3D geometry and the flow of forces. This paper regards modeling as a language instead of text and graphics. Proposed modeling manuals enable anyone over 10 years old to model it within 4 hours and experience the characters of its structure.